REVIEW: Read, Write Love by Melissa Foster

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Read, Write, Love

The Remington’s Series Book Five

By: Melissa Foster

Releasing May 12th, 2014

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Bestselling author Kurt Remington lives to write. He spends twelve hours a day in front of his computer, rarely leaving the seclusion of his beach-front property, where he’s come to finish his latest thriller–that is, until free-spirited Leanna Bray nearly drowns in the ocean trying to save her dog. Kurt’s best-laid plans are shot to hell when he comes to their rescue. Kurt’s as irritated as he is intrigued by the sexy, hot mess of a woman who lives life on a whim, forgets everything, and doesn’t even know the definition of the word organized.

Leanna’s come to the Cape hoping to find a fulfilling career in the jam-making business, and until she figures out her own life, a man is not on the menu. But Leanna can’t get the six-two, deliciously muscled and tragically neat Kurt out of her mind. She tells herself she’s just stopping by to say thank you, but the steamy afternoon sparks a wild and sexy ride as Kurt and Leanna test the powers of Chemistry 101: Opposites Attract.


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Melissa Foster does it again!! Read, Write, Love is amazing! I love the chemistry between Kurt and Leanna!  This book had me hooked from the start.  I just love Kurt and his sexy nerd appeal!  Like Leanna, I had a hard time resisting his appeal LOL!  Melissa does such an amazing job writing her characters that they hook you in and make you want to find out how their relationship will develop!

5 stars

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Author Info

“Melissa Foster is a wonderful connector of readers and books, a friend of authors, and a tireless advocate for women. She is the real deal”– Bestselling Author Jennie Shortridge

“What sets Melissa Foster apart are her compelling characters who you care about… desperately. This  is psychological suspense at its most chilling. I dare you to read the first chapter and not be hooked.”  International bestseller, M.J. Rose

Melissa Foster is an award-winning, International bestselling author. Her books have been recommended by USA Today’s book blog, Hagerstown Magazine, The Patriot, and several other print venues. She is the founder of the Women’s Nest, a social and support community for women, the World Literary Café. When she’s not writing, Melissa helps authors navigate the publishing industry through her author training programs on  Fostering Success. Melissa is also a community builder for the Alliance for Independent Authors. She has been published in Calgary’s Child Magazine, the Huffington Post, and Women Business Owners magazine.


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REVIEW TOUR: Mended by Kim Karr




By: Kim Karr

Music has the power to heal, but not all broken hearts can be mended.

Always in control, Xander Wilde considered life on the road to be a perfect fit for him. But when disaster strikes on the band’s latest tour, fate intervenes…and a newly single Ivy Taylor, the only girl he has ever loved, steps back into his life.

After moving past her painful breakup with Xander years ago, Ivy was poised to become the next big name in music…when suddenly she withdrew from the limelight—the same day she announced her engagement to her controlling agent, Damon Wolf.

Xander knows he should keep his distance. But once they’re on the road, he can’t resist pursuing her for a second chance. Yet a jealous Damon can’t let her go—and he’s keeping dangerous secrets that could destroy them all. 

When the three of them come together, everything falls apart. But if Xander and Ivy can hold tight to the bond that connects them, they just might have a chance to reclaim the powerful love they thought they had lost forever….


OMG! Kim Karr does it again…Mended is absolutely amazing! This story was heartwarming, touching, HAWT and just amazing overall!  Xander and Ivy are such awesome characters that you fall in love with them from the start.  There were moments when I wanted to strangle one or both but what good romance doesn’t have those moments!  If you read Torn & Connected then you know that Xander is River’s brother and you wanted him to get his own story…well this is it and it was even better than I ever thought it would be…but then again Kim Karr is an outstanding author who knows how to hook her readers and have them connect with the characters!
5 stars
ARC proved by Netgalley

Excerpt from Mended

Connections #3 by Kim Karr

© 2013 by Kim Karr

Published by the Penguin Group

Release date: June 3, 2014


Xander Wilde

The magic of rock and roll—it casts a spell on you. I’m no exception. I’m a band manager and I’m living the dream, touring with The Wilde Ones, helping them secure their well-deserved place in the music industry. I love being a part of it all, especially watching the band perform live—the crowds, the cheers, the music. It’s a high and a low all at once and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Every step of the way with this band has been fun, exciting, stressful—every possible emotion. Obviously we’ve had some breaks but mostly we all put in a lot of hard work—myself, Garrett Flynn, Phoenix Harper, River Wilde, and now Zane Perry.

“Can you hear me now?” he bellows.

I nod my head as my heart pounds in my chest. My hands feel cold and clammy and a nervousness that makes me weak and shaky takes over. Doubts race through my head and I’m questioning if he’s going to make it through this. A vague awareness that something bad could happen kicks around in my mind and I can’t shake it. The Wilde Ones are doing a sound check on stage and Zane’s not on his game.

It’s July and the weather has been brutally hot. But today it seems cooler. Maybe it’s the California weather maybe it’s the excitement of being home. The Beautiful Lies Tour bus finally rolled back into our home state of California after six months away. When we pulled into the amphitheater, we could see tanned kids in board shorts and bikini tops already lined up at the will call window. Security guards in polo shirts directed us to the artist parking lot, and we were officially home. Tonight we’ll be headlining our biggest show to date. We’re on tour without my brother, River, and still more than half of the shows are sold out, including tonight’s. River quit the band—touring just wasn’t for him but even so the album is on its way up the charts. Who knows it may even hit gold status. The songs on the album were written and sung by River but are performed in concert by Zane. Having him as my brother’s replacement has been the key to our successful transition in a world where replacing leads is normally unsuccessful—simply put, we’re lucky as hell to have him. River promised to make a surprise appearance at our next stop. It’s going to be epic.

But tonight is all about the arena—Mountain View and the Shoreline. “That’s enough,” I yell to the band and call rehearsal. This place is the biggest outdoor venue we’ve played and I couldn’t be more stoked—or more nervous. A sold out show and a rocking opening band—what a combination. But a lead singer with another cold and a weakened voice that can’t be heard throughout an amphitheater scares the shit out of me.

I head straight for the bus and spend the next few hours hashing out a song with Nix that he calls a jumbled mess of muscular sense and big-riff sunshine—whatever the hell that means. All I know is that it needs help and that’s why he’s turning to me. I hadn’t played guitar since I was eighteen but for some reason over the course of this tour I’ve picked it back up. At first I used whatever was lying around but last month I had my mother mail my old one to me and it feels like home. It’s a light blue and brown Gibson and I had to have it because it was the guitar that Slash played on. Playing again seems to help pass the time and brings a calm over me that I haven’t felt in awhile.

Hours pass and before I know it, it’s almost show time. We make our way over to the Amphitheater, do the typical festival schmooze fest, and then settle back to wait. Waiting for them to take the stage is always the most nerve-racking time. I’m sitting in the practically vacant makeshift meet and greet area back stage and sipping a beer in a worthless effort to calm my nerves when a voice travels through the sound system. It’s a powerful and emotive mezzo-soprano range that is nothing short of explosive. She sounds unlike any singer I’ve ever heard before—with only one exception, Ivy Taylor. I push back the memory of her name and the emotions it evokes—the memories are just too painful. I can’t see her on stage but I know that the voice belongs to Jane Mommsen. Her band Breathless is playing right before The Wilde Ones.

A hand on my shoulder startles me. I twist and glance up as Amy sits down beside me, crossing her legs. “Hi, Xander. I thought I saw you earlier at the hotel.”

She’s a beautiful woman—long, wavy dark hair, petite figure, very natural looking. She’s wearing jeans, a blue shirt with some kind of foil design, and silver sandals. Grinning at her I say, “Finally we catch up. Can I get you a drink?”

“I’d love that. How’s life on the road been?”

“You know, it has its ups and downs but actually not bad. You?”

“Jane’s been going full-force for a while now. But the tour ends with the summer. I’ll be glad to be back in LA.”

Standing up, I laugh. “I know the feeling. I’ll be right back, let me grab us that drink.” Tossing my empty bottle, I make my way to the coolers lined up under the tent and grab two beers. I know she’d rather have a glass of Chardonnay but beer it is. Amy is Jane’s assistant and I’ve taken her out more than a few times. We went to high school together and Amy and I know most of the same people so whenever I need a date, I ask her. Last time I saw her was almost nine months ago when I took her to River and Dahlia’s wedding.

Heading back to the table I hear Jane yell out to the crowd, “Are you ready for three of the hottest guys in music?” The audience starts screaming and the stage lights dim cuing the guys that it’s the fifteen-minute countdown until they take the stage. The band huddles together in their typical pre-performance stance. I’ll have a quick drink with Amy and then join them. As I hand her the bottle my fingers touch hers and we both grin, knowing that we will end up alone by the end of the night.

“You sticking around for the whole show?”

“I think I might,” she smiles.

“How about we ride back to the hotel together and grab a real drink at the bar?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Great. Time for me to get back to work.”

She rises from the table, I do the same. She stands up on her toes and kisses me quickly on the lips. “See you tonight,” she smiles.

“Catch you later,” I say and then cross the room to join the band.

“You’re late,” Nix snickers. “What’s with you two anyway?” he asks.

I shrug my shoulders. “Nothing. We casually see each other once in a while.”

Garrett raises an eyebrow. “Chicks are never cool with casual.”

Shaking my head at him, I don’t bother to disagree. Amy and I have been doing this for years. It works for her and for me. We like each other’s company but only see each other sporadically. I’ll call her once in a while and we’ll go out but we are in no way exclusive. I don’t ask her about other men and she doesn’t ask me about other women. I grab the bottle and pour the amber liquid into the shot glasses stacked on the cap. It’s our pre-show routine. A shot and a prayer, so to say. It’s Garrett’s turn tonight to ‘pray’ so this should be good.

He raises his glass. “Here’s to hoping Xander gets laid so he’ll get off our backs.”

Tipping my glass back, I quickly down the amber liquid. It burns as it makes its way down my throat. Once we’ve all drank our two shot maximum before a show Garrett follows his toast up with, “Seriously man, you need to get laid.”

The guys laugh and I actually join in. Jerking off in the small bathroom on the bus is definitely one of the downsides of touring. I’ve slept with a few girls at some of our stops but screwing groupies isn’t really my thing. I’m not one to have time for a girlfriend but I’m also not about to pull my dick out backstage, so it’s been a long six months.

Zane coughs after he slings back the shot and I look at him with concern. “You’re going to a doctor tomorrow.”

He shakes his head. “Yes, Mom, if you say so.”

“I’m not kidding. Your voice sounds like shit.”

“It’s a fucking cold. I took some medicine. I’ll be fine.”

“Doctor. Tomorrow. I mean it. I’ll have Ena set it up.”

“I can always sing,” Garrett chimes in and I smack the back of his head.

“Hey. I can.”

The lights start to flicker and I look at Zane with that feeling of uneasiness again. Second time this tour he’s coughing and hacking. We’re screwed if he really gets sick. He nods at me as I pat him on the back. Slinging his guitar over his shoulder, he heads out first raising his arm in the air. The crowd goes crazy. The six foot guy is a chick magnet and no one misses my brother tonight. Garrett heads out next yelling, “Great to be here Mountain View!” and Nix follows with his trademark nod. Zane skips his normal charming banter and I know he must be saving his voice. Again, I think about how we’re fucked if he gets sick.

I stand at the edge of the stage all night until they finally come to their last song. “It Wasn’t Days Ago,” is a simple but crowd affecting ballad and Zane belts it out. Shouts from nearly thirty thousand fans call for an encore. Turning away from the microphone Zane coughs again. Biting his thumbnail he looks over at me and I slice my finger across my neck.

“One more song for tonight,” he tells the screaming fans and my blood pressure rises. “This one is a cover, an ‘ode to’ I’ll call it. It’s for Xander Wilde, the band’s manager and it’s his favorite song. Everyone ready?” As he starts to sing Linkin Park’s “Iridescent,” I close my eyes and listen. When he hits the chorus his voice gets so low my eyes snap open. Zane turns to grab a bottle of water while the guys continue to play but I can tell something isn’t right.


Last night definitely didn’t go as planned—a visit to the ER, then sleeping in a chair next to Zane all night on the bus because the steroids he was given freaked him out. It’s noon and Amy and I are just arriving at the Pelican Hill Resort. Breathless was leaving right after the show last night so Amy had already planned to ride with us and meet up with them in Irvine. She invited me to some party being thrown by her band’s label that I would have rather not gone to but Ellie, the tour manager, insisted we all go for the good PR.

I’m exhausted and really need some sleep before dealing with the press and tomorrow night’s show. The paparazzi have been everywhere—by the bus as we exited to the waiting car in LA, outside the doctor’s office, at the gates of Zane’s father’s house, and now they’re here in Irvine at the hotel.

To avoid the chaos awaiting us in the lobby, I call Ellie, who is already here, and ask her to check me in and meet me at the pool bar with the key. Draping my arm around Amy, we head that way. I’ve been here a few times so I know my way around. Cutting through the grotto and over to the pool and cabanas, I steer Amy to the right and stop in my tracks as all the air rushes from my lungs.

My body floods with adrenaline and my gut twists. I don’t even have to do a double take because I’d know her anywhere. There’s no mistaking her. She’s just so beautiful—the elegant planes of her face, those high cheekbones, red lipstick, her platinum blonde hair shorter than it used to be tucked behind her ear, that face of an angel. She looks the same. No, she looks better. Her skin glistens in the sun and my gaze automatically follows the shape of her long legs. They look smooth and tan against her white bathing suit. An ache forms in my chest as I think about running my fingers up them. She’s still that eighteen-year-old girl I once knew but now she has the body of a woman—lean and toned and full of curves. When she moves it’s so familiar it doesn’t seem like a day has passed—and everything I ever felt for her, it’s all still inside me.

My pulse races at the mere sight of her. She’s lounging in the cushioned chair reading a magazine just outside a cabana. My heart slams harder in my chest when she sticks her earphones in her ears like she always used to do and it transports me back to the last time I saw her do the very same thing. We’d skipped school and were at my grandparents’ house—their pool. She was lying on the lounge chair listening to music and singing along—her voice so full of soul. I’d moved to sit with her under the guise of putting lotion of her back. She sat up and smiled that shy smile she didn’t need to have when she was with me. I squeezed the tube into my hand and after rubbing them together I slowly applied it to her back kneading my way up and down, touching every inch of her that I could.

It brings me back to the here and now when she suddenly sits up and looks over at me. Her eyes pin me in place. She looks at me as if she remembers me for who I was, what we were, not what I did to her. With my chest pounding, memories of us keep flashing through my mind. Fighting a smile, I wonder if she’s thinking the same thing—remembering what we were, what we shared, how we loved.

She quickly breaks our connection when she averts her eyes over to the man handing her a drink. I suck in a deep breath trying not to feel sick at the sight. He’s nearing fifty, wearing a terrycloth robe. He’s about my height, dark brown hair, meticulously groomed facial hair, and not exactly ripped but fit. He’s Damon Wolf, a man I’ve never actually met but hate all the same. I’ve seen their picture on TV and in magazines. He’s her agent, her fiancé, and I’m sure he’s the reason she’s not singing anymore.

She looks up at him with that same forced smile she used to give people she just wanted to appease and mouths “thank you.” I have a sudden urge to go over and deck him when her gaze shifts back to mine and he pulls her chin back to look at him. I can sense a discomfort between them. We could sense each other’s feelings even when we weren’t near each other.

Amy’s hand slides down my face and I have to blink a few times before I can hear what she’s saying. Glancing one last time at Ivy I see that she’s staring at me again. Then suddenly her mouth forms a scowl and she flicks her attention toward him. Hooking her arm around his neck, she pulls him down for a kiss and I think I might throw up.

“Are you okay?”

I nod. Not able to say a word.

“Isn’t that Ivy Taylor over there? The girl you used to date in high school?” Amy asks. There’s an irritated tone to her voice I’m not used to hearing and it makes me agitated.

“Yeah, it is,” is all I say. She’s not just a girl I used to date…she’s the only girl I ever really loved. She’s also the girl whose heart I broke. Seeing her now brings back all those feelings I blocked, ignored, tucked aside. So many times over the years I wanted to go after her and tell her the truth—but I never did. Why I don’t know. Then one day it was too late—she had gotten engaged.

Amy chatters on. “I think that’s Damon Wolf with her. We should go say hi.”

My body goes cold and my face blank at the thought. I straighten and just as I’m about to say, “No fucking way,” my phone vibrates in my pocket. Squinting at the screen, I see that it’s my brother. I look over to Amy and motion toward the bar. “Hey, this is River. I need to take it. I’ll meet you over there in a minute.”

“That’s fine. We can catch up with them later. I’ll go order us a drink.” She smiles and starts toward the bar.

Turning around to avoid staring at Ivy, I answer the phone. “It took you long enough to call me back.”

“I was in a meeting and stepped out as soon as I could, so don’t start. What did the doctor say about Zane?”

“He’s out for the rest of the tour and we’re fucked.”

“You sure? You’re back in LA for almost two weeks after tomorrow night right? Isn’t that enough time for him to heal?”

“Technically yes. But his old man wants him out. The doctor said that he couldn’t be sure how long the blood that accumulated under his vocal cords had been there but obviously last night, the amount of ruptured vessels was enough to cause his voice to change. He advised at least two weeks of rest before another evaluation to see if surgery is necessary. Zeak wants his son to take a longer period of time off. He’s just afraid that if Zane keeps singing and it keeps happening, scar tissue will build up and cause his voice to change forever.”

“Do you blame him?”

“No I don’t,” I tell River and I feel like shit that I have to put him in a position to do what he didn’t want to do in the first place. But I also know that if I don’t, the band won’t survive. If I have to cancel this tour—the Wilde Ones are done. So I ask, “Did you talk to Dahlia?”

He sighs. “Yeah, I did. She’s cool with it, Xander. I’m just trying to figure it all out.”

“You know I’ll do whatever you need me to do, right?”

“Shit why can’t you just be an ass and make it easy for me to say no?”

“Because you have no idea what this means to me.”

“Actually I do, and that’s why I’m going to make it happen. But Xander, remember I can’t play a twelve string.”

Laughter and relief take hold of me. I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. “Right now I wouldn’t care if you only played the violin,” I joke.

He laughs and I add, “You’ll be here tonight?”

Now he sounds slightly annoyed. “I said I would. We might be a little late so don’t get your panties in a wad.”

“That’s cool. Thanks for everything. Hey, one more thing.’


“Ivy Taylor’s here.”

“No way. Have you talked to her?”

“Fuck no. You know she won’t talk to me. And besides she’s with that asshole.”

“You should talk to her. Tell her the truth.”

“What’s that going to do now? She’ll just think I’m lying.”

“You want me to talk to her? I can explain everything.”

“No. I don’t need my little brother to fight my battles. I’ll talk to her if I feel the time is right. Do you hear me?”

“Whatever you say. Look, I have to run but I want to discuss this later. And Xander…you don’t know he’s an asshole. Just because Dad said his name once doesn’t mean shit.”

“Right. Okay, see you tonight,” I say and end the call. My head is spinning knowing that after all these years I’m actually in the same place she is. I want to talk to her, tell her everything but what would it matter now anyway. Glancing behind me, I catch another glimpse of her with him that turns my stomach. He’s such a slime ball. Since his father was hospitalized and he took over the business, he’s been scooping up labels, tearing them apart, and rebuilding them with bands he thinks are better fits. My guess is he picked up Jane’s label—that’s why he’s here. I heard they were having some financial difficulty and he’s just the kind of bottom feeder that would want to capitalize on not only being her agent but now also her producer. The sight of him touching Ivy makes my skin crawl.

Damon Wolf—two of the last words my father ever spoke to me before killing himself, and I never knew why. Of all the guys in the world Ivy had to end up with him—why him? I look up and they’re gone. But I’m anything but relieved. Rubbing my chin, I’m antsy, agitated, pissed as hell, but feel more alive than I have in years.





Kim Karr is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of romance, including her sexy New Adult romance series, Connections.  She describes herself as wearing a lot of hats–writer, book-lover, wife, soccer-mom, taxi driver, and the all-around go-to person of the family.  However, she always finds the time to read.  She believes in soul mates, kindred spirits, true friends and Happily-Ever-Afters, and loves to drink champagne, listen to music, and hopes to always stay young at heart.  Kim lives in Florida with her husband and four kids.

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REVIEW: His Billion Dollar Baby by Lea Nolan

His Billion Dollar Baby

HBDB-500pxHis Billion Dollar Baby

Lea Nolan


Can her love melt this CEO’s heart?

No-nonsense physical therapist Gwen Radley has scraped for everything she has, so she surprises even herself when she gives into the advances of a sexy ex-patient the night before he returns to Afghanistan. Then she learns she’s pregnant, just as the news arrives that her soldier has died.

Grieving over his brother’s death, billionaire Carter Anderson questions Gwen’s motives when he accidentally learns about her pregnancy. In his experience, women can’t be trusted, so he doubts Gwen’s insistence she has not interest in his family empire – especially after she moves in with his mother. When her therapy expertise has them collaborating on a lucrative business project, Carter sees her in a new light. But his suspicions persist, leading them both to wonder if he will ever embrace his brother’s baby – or the love that’s blooming between them.


I really enjoyed this story!  This is the first book by Lea I’ve read and it was great!  The characters are portrayed in a way that readers can connect to them.  I’m a sucker for the average girl getting the sexy millionaire/billionaire.  This is a tear-jeaker at times and I needed tissues while reading it…my only issue with this story was there wasn’t enough sex/smut in it (and if you know the books I review then you know I love my sex & smut) Overall, this is a really great book and if you love HEA then you’ll love this book!

4 stars

Buy Links:   Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Kobo

Author Bio:  Lea Nolan writes books for young adults featuring bright heroines, crazy-hot heroes, diabolical plot twists, plus a dose of magic, a draft of romance, and a sprinkle of history. She also pens smart, witty contemporary stories for adults filled with head-swooning, heart-throbbing, sweep-you-off your feet romance.

With a master’s degree in women’s studies and public policy, and an undergraduate degree in history, she spent twenty years as a health policy analyst and researcher, writing hundreds of fascinating reports and articles tens of people enjoyed. Today, she teaches graduate courses in health policy, law, and financing, and takes on the occasional consulting gig.

Born and raised on Long Island, New York, she loves the water far too much to live inland. With her heroically supportive husband and three clever children, she resides in Maryland where she scarfs down crab cakes whenever she gets the chance.

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REVIEW TOUR: Lucky Numbers by Kelly Gendron

Lucky Numbers Blog Tour Banner


One locked safe, a troublemaking tattoo, and two determined people… add up to unlocked secrets and a love that just won’t stop.

Luke “Lucky” O’Conner is a committed bachelor. His motto…“Nobody’s ever getting this Lucky.” So when Kaley Harlow walks into his tattoo shop and somehow leaves with the only record of the numbers to his new safe tattooed on her sexy little hip, Lucky’s motto is threatened. If he wants to see those numbers again, he has to get close. Closer than he’s ever gotten to any woman. And he has three weeks to do it.

Kaley Harlow, a happily washed-up former child star, is out to ruin her reputation. She’s through with people looking at her like she’s still that innocent little girl in pigtails. Not to mention, her agent has just signed her up for a movie contract. But, really, all Kaley wants is to start a new life and finally go to college.

When Lucky happens into Kaley’s life for the second time, the hot, tattooed badass is exactly what she needs to sabotage her image. But this badass has a secret, one that could ruin more than just Kaley’s reputation.


lucky numbers 4


“What are you doing?” she asked, her heart palpitating.

He reached over, turned on the shower, and came back around. “Giving them something to talk about,” he said, taking a step toward her. “That’s what you wanted, right? To ruin your good-girl image?” He raised a hand and pushed her back. He rested his palm on the cement wall, trapping her in the confined space.

She cleared her throat. “And just how are we gonna do that?”

“We’ll let their imaginations run wild.” His eyes dropped to her chest, and he bit his bottom lip. “Let ‘em think I’m in here slipping my fingers beneath the strap of your bathing suit, dragging it down.”

“Okay,” she said, her breath harsh and uneven as she pressed back against the cold cement. “We can let them think that.”

He set his other hand on the wall, and his jaw flinched as he leaned in. “Let them imagine that the water is running over your naked breasts while my hands are sliding down to your hard nipples, my fingers pressing together, pinching them.” When his body was flush with hers, he stopped.

Her heart refused to let out a single beat, squeezing tight.

“And let’s see…” He pondered, letting out a deep, throaty sound that shook her insides. His head tilted to the side. “What else shall we make them think is going on in here?”

Hypnotized, she lowered her gaze to his parted lips, imaging all the things he could do to her with that sexy mouth. Kaley took a deep breath, causing her chest to lift.

Watching, he raised an eyebrow. “So, Kaley, tell me, where’s my mouth?”



OMG! I loved Lucky Numbers!! Lucky is such an alpha male and its AWESOME!! Kelly does an amazing job making her characters come to life.  As I was reading, I was able to understand and feel everything that these two amazing characters were experiencing!  As I’m sure you can tell from the teasers and excerpt this book is SOOOO STEAMY ~ I LOVE it!!! This is a must read!!  Kaley wants a fresh start and finally go to college but she wants to get rid of her good girl reputation…Lucky is a confirmed bachelor and his motto is “Nobody’s ever getting this Lucky”….that is until Kaley.  But could these two get past everything and realize that they were meant to be…or will guilt, their pasts or stubbornness get in there way?

5 stars!

ARC received in exchange for honest review

lucky numbers 2


Meet the Author

Kelly GendronKelly resides in a quiet suburb somewhere between Buffalo and Niagara Falls, NY. Her day job? Kelly’s worked in the healthcare field for years, representing a group of reputable nursing facilities in the WNY area.

She’s been faithfully writing for three years. However, she wrote her first book ten years ago but had to put it down to raise her son as a single mom. When her son got a little older, she was able to pick it back up. That’s when she settled into her newly married life and started to seriously write again.

Kelly loves to hear from her readers! Visit her Blog, FB Page, Goodreads, Twitter. You can find all the links on her Website~


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COVER REVEAL: Beauty in the Ashes by Micalea Smeltzer

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Standalone Dark Contemporary Romance

Release date: July 15, 2014 Add on Goodreads:

Cover Design: Regina Wamba (Mae I Design)

Book Description:

Some stories are a fairytale…but this isn’t one.

Caelan Gregory’s life fell apart the night he went home and opened the door to find his whole family murdered. Since then, his life has held no meaning. He’s angry. He’s bitter. He’s barely human anymore. There’s nothing left to remind him of the straight A student, and football quarterback he once was…but he wasn’t a good person then, and he’s certainly not a good person now. He’s retreated into a world where all that exists is numbness and his passion for painting.

When Sutton Hale moves into the apartment across the hall from Caelan she’s not prepared for her reaction to him. Something in his broken blue eyes calls to her—after all she’s always had an irrational need to fix everything.

But Caelan doesn’t do relationships or feelings. He does drugs and alcohol. However, he can’t ignore his desire to get to know the raven-haired woman across the hall.

Two broken souls trying to mend one another.

But not everything can be fixed.

In the end, Caelan and Sutton will have to learn that there is beauty in the ashes.

BitA ebook






Life is like a flame.

It burns bright for a while, then it flickers and fades, until finally one small breath extinguishes it and we’re left with the ashes.

The house was quiet, but I still waited ten more minutes, making sure I heard the sounds of my dad snoring.

I’d been grounded for a month the last time I got caught sneaking out.

I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again.

I crept over to my bedroom window, sliding it up as quietly as I could. It squeaked and I halted my movements, holding my breath to make sure no one in the house stirred.

I all but jumped out of my skin when the door to the bathroom that connected my room to my sister’s opened.

“Cael, what are you doing?” She asked, standing there in pajama shorts and a tank top. Her eyes were wide, reminding me of a doll.

“Isn’t it obvious?” I whispered, nodding at my half open window.

“Mom and dad are going to kill you if you get caught,” she hissed, padding into my room like she owned the place. Nosy little sisters were good for nothing. I missed the days when I could bribe her to keep quiet with candy.

“I can’t miss this party, Cayla,” I groaned. “I’m the quarterback. I have to be there,” I reasoned.

“I want to go,” she squared her shoulders defiantly.

“No,” I hissed through my teeth. No fucking way was I bringing my sixteen-year-old sister to a senior party. It wasn’t because of her age that I wanted her to stay behind, but the way I saw my friends looking at her. Cayla was too sweet and innocent to get wrapped up in one of those fuckers. I’d kill them if they touched my sister.

“Fine, then I’m going to wake up mom,” she turned on her heel to stalk out of my room.

I reached out and grabbed her arm, my fingers digging into her skin. “No,” I said sternly. “Don’t be a little tattle tale bitch.”

Her eyes widened at my harsh words. Yeah, Cayla and I bickered like most siblings, but we also got along better than most too. She wasn’t used to me being so rude.

“Let go of me,” she yanked her arm from my grasp. “You can be such a dick, Caelan.” She headed back towards the bathroom and stopped in the doorway. “I won’t say anything to mom and dad about this, but you owe me.”

“Deal,” I smiled.

She started to leave, but something in me made me say her name. “Cayla?”

“Yeah?” She stopped, her blonde hair swishing around her shoulders.

I swallowed thickly. “I love you, you know that, right?”

She rolled her clear blue eyes at me. Cayla and I looked a lot alike—so much alike that many people believed we were twins.

“I see what you’re doing here, you still owe me dickwad.”

I chuckled. “Believe me, I know.”

I was surprised she hadn’t put up much fight. I think she knew the real reason I didn’t want her to go and probably wanted to avoid me getting in a fight—which would result in our parent’s finding out that we had both snuck out.

“Have fun,” she smiled, closing the bathroom door.

“Night, Cayla-belle,” I said softly, so low that she couldn’t hear me.

I eased the window the rest of the way up and crouched outside. I waited a minute to make sure Cayla wasn’t going to reappear—or one of my parents—then closed it.

I tiptoed down the eave of the roof, spotting the taillights of Kyle’s car waiting down the street for me.

I lowered to my stomach, sliding over the edge and grabbing on. I dropped down to the ground, careful to tuck my body so I didn’t injure myself.

Getting down was the easy part of sneaking out. Getting back up…now that was a different story.

I jogged down the street to Kyle’s white car.

“Dude, what the fuck took so long?” He asked when I finally slid into the passenger seat.

“My sister caught me,” I muttered.

Kyle grinned and I didn’t like his smile one bit. “Why didn’t you bring her? She’s hot, I’m sure someone could’ve had some fun with her.”

I glared at him, my fists clenched. “Don’t talk about my sister like that.”

Kyle raised his hands in mock surrender, a smirk playing on his thin lips. “It’s the truth. A lot of the guys would love to have a piece of—”

I punched the side of his face.

I didn’t care if he was my friend or not.

No one talked about my baby sister like that. Hopefully he’d take this as a lesson and so would the other guys.

“Fuck, Caelan, did you really need to punch me?”

“Yeah, I really did. Maybe that will teach you that running your mouth about my sister is a bad idea,” I retorted. “Would you want me making comments about your sister?”

“My sister is fourteen,” he countered.

“Mine’s only sixteen,” I continued to pin him with a glare.

“Fine, whatever dude. She isn’t worth getting punch over for no-fucking-reason,” he hissed.

He finally pulled away from the curb.

“Where’s this party at?” I asked.

After we’d won the football game, I’d had to head home for dinner—my parents were really big on family time. Sometimes ‘family time’ could be a major pain in the ass since it kept me from doing stuff with friends, but when I heard some of them talk about how messed up their families were I was silently thankful for my overbearing parents.

“The Cove,” he answered, winding around a turn too fast. I knew better than to complain. He’d only speed up.

The Cove wasn’t really a cove at all. It was a rock formation near the lake that provided great shelter from the surrounding neighborhoods. As long as we kept the noise level reasonable, most people didn’t know we were out there.

“Leah is going to be there,” Kyle said casually, watching me out of the corner of his eye for a reaction.

I’d been going after Leah for a few weeks now. She always tried to blow me off, but I could tell I was breaking down her walls. It wouldn’t be long until I had her right where I wanted her. She was enjoying playing hard to get, and I was enjoying the chase, but it ended tonight. I’d have her.

Kyle parked a block over from The Cove and we walked from that point. People would get suspicious if a bunch of cars were parked too close.


I turned at the sound of my name, my lips curling up as I spotted Leah.

Her shiny red hair was curling down her back and her lips were coated in some kind of shiny gloss that I was desperate to taste.

“I’ll see you later…I guess,” Kyle winked, heading on without us.

“You know,” I told Leah, “you shouldn’t be standing out here all by yourself where anyone could get you.”

“Oh,” she purred, striding forward, “is the big bad wolf going to eat me?” She asked, purposely letting her breasts brush against my shoulder.

“Maybe,” I smirked, staring down at her.

“And maybe,” she stared brazenly up at me, “I want him too.”

Aw, hell.

I’d been waiting weeks for this moment, and I wasn’t going to let it pass me by.

I reached out for her, my hands finding the curve of her butt, and pressed my lips to hers.

She let out a soft little moan that stirred something inside me. I pressed more firmly against her as her fingers pulled at my hair. I knew she was a feisty little thing. I nipped at her bottom lip and then plunged my tongue inside her mouth. I wanted her and I wanted her bad, but we were standing on the street, and I did value my life, because if I got caught my dad would be pissed enough to string me up by my balls and leave me to die, so I broke away.

“That’s hardly over,” I warned her.

She giggled, reaching for my hand. “I hope not…and it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s over,” she bit her lip, running her fingers over the hard-on pressing against my jeans.

My breath hissed through my teeth as she felt me up. If I’d driven I would’ve told her to forget about the stupid party and we would have went back to my car to finish this.

I led her through the tall grass and around the large rocks where the party was roaring. A small fire provided warmth—but wasn’t large enough to attract unwanted attention. Someone played music from their iPod dock and bodies swayed.

“Dance with me,” Leah pleaded, pulling me towards everyone else.

I wasn’t a dancer, but I agreed just for the pleasure of watching her sexy little body move.

She grinded against me and I closed my eyes, tilting my head back.

“If you keep doing that,” I warned her, grabbing her stomach and rubbing my thumb against the underside of her breast, “I’m going to haul you out of here and make you scream my name.”

She looked up at me, her brown eyes sparkling in the moonlight. My throat tightened as her tongue flicked out to moisten her pouty lips. “I wouldn’t complain.”

“Fuck,” I growled, my hands tightening against her.

I wanted her and I wanted her bad.

“Come on,” I pulled her away from everyone else and into the tall grasses. I kept dragging her until we were far enough away that we wouldn’t be found easily.

I sunk down on the ground, pulling her with me onto my lap.

“You’ve been teasing me for weeks,” I lifted her shirt off her head. “This ends tonight.”

“Just make it good,” she challenged.

“Oh, trust me, baby, you don’t need to worry.”


When we returned—clothes and hair mused, but completely satisfied—the party had grown even larger. It seemed like everyone in our senior class was in attendance.

People wanted to talk and congratulate me on the game. I smiled and nodded—but honestly, I didn’t really care. Football was fun, but it wasn’t my whole life.

I sat down on the ground, beer in hand, with Leah between my legs. Her head rested against my chest.

When the sun started to peek above the edge of the lake, we all knew it was time to leave.

I said goodbye to Leah, giving her a long lingering kiss. Tonight had been good and I wasn’t ready to let her walk away just yet.

“Come on, Lover Boy,” Kyle pried me away from her lips.

I laughed, calling to Leah, “See you later?”

She nodded, her cheeks flushed with happiness.

Kyle dropped me off at the same spot he’d been waiting for me earlier.

I walked slowly towards my house, my head bowed.

When I finally looked up, ready to cut across the side yard to the back, so I could get back to my room, I noticed that the front door was slightly ajar.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end.

Oh, shit.

My parents had woken up and found me gone. I was in so much trouble it wasn’t even funny.

I swallowed thickly, my heart pumping in my chest as I made my way up the front steps into the house. There would be no point trying to sneak in. I had been caught and I needed to face this.

When I pushed open the front door the rest of the way, I was surprised to find the house in disarray. Drawers were open, lights smashed, and our belongings strewn about everywhere.

“What. The. Hell,” I gasped.

My heart raced even faster.

Something bad had happened. It looked like someone had broken in and tried to rob us.

I walked to the back of the house, to the kitchen, expecting to find my mom and dad there calling for the police, but it was empty.

“Mom!” I called. “Dad!”

Silence greeted me.

Maybe they had run to the neighbors house? Or were at the police station? Or—?

Something told me that neither of those things had happened.

Dread settled over me, sliding through my body like toxic sludge.

I swallowed thickly, heading for the main staircase.

I took the steps slowly and when I came to a standstill.


Blood everywhere.

My shoes were growing damp with it.

“Dad!” I dropped to my knees, not caring that his blood was now soaking my jeans. “Dad!” I screamed again and again—willing him to answer. I rolled him over, choking on a sob as his lifeless eyes met me. There was so much blood. God, it was fucking everywhere, seeping out of a series of knife wounds on his chest.

I released him, running for my parent’s room.

“No!” I yelled, when my eyes took in the sight of my mom lying on a blood soaked mattress, her eyes focused on the ceiling. There were cuts and slashes all over her. I couldn’t mistake the sound of her blood dripping from the bed onto the hardwood floors.




I ran to Cayla’s room next, praying that she had hidden and was okay—or better yet, hoping I’d wake up and find this to all be a nightmare.

“Cayla!” I shouted, clutching my stomach as it heaved violently.

Like my mom, she was lying in her bed. Her eyes stared straight at me—the color so light it was almost white. Her normally rosy complexion was now a grayish blue color. Her throat had been slit open, the blood coating her, the bed, and the floor. Her mouth was open in a never-ending silent scream.

I fell to the ground, sobbing hysterically.

“Cayla,” I cried, crawling on my hands and knees over to her bed. “Cayla, please! You can’t die! Cayla!” I smacked her cheeks, shook her, yelled at her, and none of it did any good.

She was gone.

They were all gone.

I pulled my phone out, fumbling to press the right buttons.

“911 what’s your emergency?”

“Help! You have to help me! They’re dead! They’re all dead!”

“Who’s dead, sir?” The calm voice asked me.

“My family! They’re dead! God, they’re all dead!”

“Sir, what’s your address?”

I couldn’t answer the woman. I had lost all capability of speaking. A strange noise was escaping me—half crying, half screaming.

I shook Cayla some more, hoping in vain that what I was seeing would disappear and she’d wake up and tell me I was crazy.

I’d rather be losing my mind than face this reality.

When I knew that Cayla wasn’t going to wake up I sat on the floor beside her.

I rocked back and forth, sobbing, my blood-covered hands running through my hair. I kept muttering under my breath, “This isn’t real, this isn’t real, this isn’t real.”

That’s how the police found me.

Even five years later, I still felt like I was stuck in that room, rocking back and forth beside Cayla.

Only now, I said, “This is real.”

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RELEASE DAY BLITZ: Since He Really Feels by Lisa Suzanne


Julianne Becker has a choice to make between love and history. She needs two men in her life, but ultimatums and secrets are forcing her to choose.

Nick Matthews has a choice to make with potential costs that will put Julianne in temptation’s way. Since He Really Feels what he does for Julianne, can Nick put aside his fears to ensure that the past doesn’t destroy the future he has always wanted?

Travis Miller thought he made his choice, but obligations may just push out the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Since He Really Feels allegiance to his family, can Travis keep his past and present from colliding?

Julianne and Nick know they should form a united front and make these decisions together, but knowing what to do and actually doing it are two very different things. Will Travis’s presence in their life pull them together or push them apart?

This is the passionate and emotional concluding book of the He Feels Trilogy.

I walked into his office and stood on the opposite side of his desk from him. “Nick, you know I choose you. I can’t live without you. I love you, and I can’t wait to become your wife.”
He gazed at me for a long moment, and then the corners of his mouth tipped up into a small smile. “My wife,” he repeated.
He stood up from his chair, the leather squeaking as he rose. He walked over to the door and shut it. Eric and Josh, Nick’s roommates, were around somewhere, both getting ready to move out by the end of the month, and clearly Nick wanted privacy. With me.
After he shut the door, he stalked over to me. “My wife,” he whispered again, taking me in his arms.
“Let’s not fight,” I pleaded.
“Let’s never fight again,” he murmured.
“Deal,” I said, and I pressed my lips to his. The familiar buzz zipped through my spine as his mouth took mine aggressively. I loved the way his tongue moved sensually against mine, and the slow burn in my belly made its way down as desire overtook every sensation in my body and every thought in my mind.
God, I had missed him. I had missed this intimacy, this connection with him.
His electric fingertips danced across my skin slowly, leaving a burning tingle in their wake. He found the hem of my shirt and lifted it over my head, tossing it on the floor next to us and then removing his own before his lips crashed back down over mine. He unsnapped my bra with one hand as the other hand pressed into the small of my back. The feeling of his fingertips across my skin was utter perfection. 
He was truly an expert at seduction, and he was mine.

“Girl Like That” – Matchbox Twenty
“Best Day of My Life” – American Authors
“Whatever It Takes” – Lifehouse
“Everything” – Buckcherry
“Never Gonna Be Alone” – Nickelback
“Everything Has Changed” – Taylor Swift featuring Ed Sheerhan
“Clarity” – Zedd featuring Foxes
“Back to Good” – Matchbox Twenty
“Then” – Brad Paisley
“All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You” – Heart

Review to come


Out The Rest Of The Series

the Author

Lisa Suzanne started handwriting her books on yellow legal pads after she took a creative writing class in high school. She still has those legal pads full of stories, but now one of them is published under the title How He Really Feels. She currently works as a full time high school English teacher, and her favorite part of the year is summer. She has been blessed with the world’s best dog, a supportive family, and a husband who encouraged her to publish after reading one of her novels. She likes the advice of Ernest Hemingway’s famous quote, “Write drunk. Edit sober.”


Hosted By:

PROMO POST: Toxic by KA Robinson

***Toxic: Logan’s Story is Book Four of the Torn Series, but it can be read as a standalone if desired.***

True love is forever. After years of chasing his best friend, Chloe, Logan finally managed to win her heart—or so he thought. His world crashes down
around him when she confesses to cheating on him with a local rock star, Drake.
Unable to let her go completely from his life, Logan reassumes his role of best friend while he watches Chloe find her happily ever after with another man.Each day, he sinks further and further into his depression, and the kind, caring Logan he once was dies. When Jade, a member of Drake’s band, inserts herself into his life, Logan never expects to fall for her. He’s too broken, too damaged.

Jade ran away from home when she was seventeen, desperate to escape her abusive stepfather and her controlling boyfriend, Mikey. The only regret she has is that she left behind her little sister, Bethaney. When Jade’s band, Breaking the Hunger, hits it big, she vows to go back to her hometown not only to reconnect with her little sister, but also to show her stepfather that she’s not worthless like he said.

The moment Jade saw Logan, she knew she wanted him. Unfortunately, he was with Chloe at the time. After his world falls apart, Jade steps in to comfort him, determined to bring back the Logan she once knew.

Sometimes, you find true love with the person you never least expect. Can Logan and Jade heal each other? Or will they forever be changed by their toxic pasts?


Read Chapter 1 Here

Read Chapter 2 Here

 Buy Links:

Amazon ~*~ Kobo ~*~ iBooks ~*~ Smashwords

Review to come

K.A. Robinson is the New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author of The Torn Series and The Ties Series. She lives in a small town in West Virginia with her husband and toddler son. When she isn’t writing, she is reading or listening to rock music.

Facebook ~*~ Twitter ~*~ Website ~*~ Mailing list

Other books by K.A. Robinson:

Torn Series:

Torn ~*~ Twisted ~*~ Tainted

Ties Series:

Shattered Ties ~*~ Twisted Ties ~*~ Breaking Alexandria

I raised an eyebrow. “Why are you so determined to make sure that Jade and I end up together?”

“Because I want you both to be happy, and after all of this sorted out, I think you two could be really happy with each other. You both care a lot about each other. I’ve never seen Jade act the way she did when Drake called her. She was really upset. And you’ve been Mopey McMoperpants since you came home. It’s obvious that you’re both miserable without one another.”

“Do you really think that we’d be happy together? Honestly, I’m not so sure. I don’t exactly fit in with the rest of her world.”

“Why do you think that?”

“She’s a rock star, Chloe, and I’m just…I’m not into that scene. I don’t like the same things you guys do. I don’t look like any of the other guys she hangs out with. I’m not pierced or tattooed. I’m not…I don’t know what the fuck I’m trying to say here.”

Chloe started to say something, but Drake cut her off, “Look, Logan, I’ve known Jade for a long time. I’ve watched her get hit on by tons of guys, and she’s never paid attention to any of them. She didn’t care that they were part of our scene. Truthfully, most of the guys we hang out with are womanizing assholes.”

“True story,” Chloe cut in, giving Drake a dirty look.

“Hey, I haven’t been that way in a long time. Don’t glare at me like that. Anyway, my point is, just because she lives a certain way and has a certain profession doesn’t mean that she’s going to want a certain type of guy. She obviously likes you, so just go with it.”

“He’s right. Don’t doubt yourself because you two have different lives. You’re a good-looking guy, Logan. You don’t need tattoos or piercings for girls to notice you. Jade obviously likes you just the way you are.”

“I feel like I should pull the car over, so we can all hug. This is getting awkward,” Drake muttered.

Chloe laughed. “Don’t be jealous, Drake. I think you’re a good looking guy, too.”

He rolled his eyes. “Thanks. I feel much more secure about our marriage now that you’ve admitted you’re attracted to me.”

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