REVIEW: Going For Four by Erin Nicholas

1797569_744692532221985_34822791_nAbout the book:

It’s either true love…or the biggest mistake they’ve ever made.

Counting on Love, Book 4

Hot firefighter Cody Madsen has stayed away from Olivia Dixon for almost two years—technically. Even though he talks to her every day and sees her every weekend. But there’s no kissing, touching, or telling her how he really feels. Because they’re just friends. Anything more than that would mean crossing the line that Olivia’s older brother has firmly drawn between them.

Olivia wants what her three sisters have—true love. She could almost believe she’s found it with Cody, if it weren’t for the fact that he’s her older brother’s best friend and her brother won’t have it. And he’s never steered her wrong before. Her head is telling her to trust her brother, but her heart won’t let go of Cody.

Her solution? A dating site where she and Cody can each find their “Perfect Pick” once and for all.

But when the site yields some unexpected results, their real feelings come front and center. And they have to decide if it’s worth the risk to cross the line from friendship to love after all.

Warning: Contains a starry-eyed romantic, a wannabe knight in shining armor, and chocolate chip cookies. A lot of chocolate chip cookies.



Going for Four was amazing!!  Connor and Olivia finally got their story…but them coming together is not in a way one would think.  Connor and Olivia are roommates that are attracted to each other but have house rules that prevent them from acting on their feelings.  Olivia decides that they both need to go out on dates with other people so she creates profiles for them on a dating website…nothing good could come from this right?  Well since I don’t do post spoilers you’ll have to pick up a copy of this AMAZING book and find out!  Will the dating profiles work in favor of Connor and Olivia or will it destroy everything these two have and could have in the future!

5 stars!!

going for four2


going for four1






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