BOOK TOUR (Review & Author Interview): Front and Center by A.M. Madden




Warning: This book is meant for mature readers who are 18+. It contains explicit language, and graphic sexual content.

Jack was a rock star on the way to fame. Leila was following her dream and joining his band as a back-up singer. An insane attraction sparked between them that they couldn’t deny. Attraction quickly led to so much more. They ignored all the warnings and fell in love.

When the couple embark on their tour, they couldn’t be more excited to travel the country hand in hand on the way to stardom. The road ahead is filled with miles and miles of possibilities. Along with their band, Devil’s Lair, they feel nothing could stop them.

An angry ex-band-mate, a pregnant ex-girlfriend, and never-ending Internet gossip all attempt to wreak havoc on their developing relationship. New love does not mix well with stress, pressure and guilt. Together they face each and every challenge, stubbornly fighting for what they have. Will their determination be enough?


OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! This book was absolutely f*cking amazing!  Jack and Leila are such a HOT and sexy couple and AM Madden does an excellent job of showing readers the chemistry between the two!  There were a few times during this book that AM Madden totally caught me off guard and I was going “wait…WTF just happened?!?!” and “Oh shit, where is Leila (or Jack) so I can smack them for being soooo stupid!”  This is one book you don’t want to miss (But make sure you read Back Up first LOL)  Front & Center is filled with sexiness, laughter, tears, some “Oh no she didn’t” moments and some WTF moments.

5 sexy ROCKERS!! (instead of stars LOL)






What are three things about you that might surprise your readers? 

I’m not sure these would be a surprise, I am pretty much an open book. I am addicted to the Bachelor. I haven’t missed one episode. (Do not judge me.) I am a hopeless romantic. If I find a book or a movie that moves me, I’ll read or watch it over and over again. i.e. The Notebook I’ve seen dozens of times, and will still watch it if I find it on TV, even with commercials. I read the Fifty Shades books eleven times. I am OCD. Even though I loved Fifty Shades Freed the best, I still had to re-read the other two each time, and in order. Same with Twilight. It’s a sickness.

Where did the idea for the storyline come from?

I actually had a dream I was at a concert and the lead singer and his back-up were smoking hot on stage. I was in the front row, and I felt like these two should be getting it on right there on the stage. It woke me up out of a dead sleep. I remember the first thing I said to myself was, “Huh, well that was interesting.” I started writing the next day.

What author(s) inspire you?

I have so many. I love S.C. Stephens, Sam Towle, Colleen Hoover. But I have to say the authors I’ve recently met and become friendly with are my biggest inspiration. They are all self-published, fairly newbies like me. These group of women are so amazing, and I am glad to have found them.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a wife and mom first. My boys are older now, 17 & 15, and things are so very different. They have their own lives. They don’t need me like they used to. (Except for more money and the car keys). My hubby and I are finding it to be very bittersweet. We enjoy the time together, and we can clearly see life as empty-nesters…but we desperately miss them as babies. I am an Italian Jersey girl who loves reading a good book on the beach.

Top 5 favorite scenes from Front & Center.

I really can’t elaborate on them without giving away too many plot secrets, so I’ll label them geographically. Cleveland, Boston, Chicago, Vegas, and New Jersey is my absolute favorite.

Please tell us about your characters.

Jack is it for me. He is the ultimate. He is everything I find hot, sexy, and loving in a man. Leila is my alter ego. She is everything I wish I could be…mainly a really good singer. I cannot sing to save my life. LOL. The others are just a great group of people, I would want to hang out with. I built the characters before the story. They drove my story.

5 best things about being a writer?

I’m not sure I have five yet, I’m so  new at this. My number one best thing is having a fan contact me, to tell me they were up all night reading Back-up. Or they want more on Evan and Lizzy. Or they wish Jack were real. It’s very humbling to know my words touched people. I still can’t wrap my head around that.

What are you currently working on? 

Encore. It’s the 3rd and I think the final book in the series.

What other releases do you have planed for 2014?

My next book is totally different. It will be a single, not a series. I already have the two main characters in my head. I keep a notebook to be sure I remember all the tiny details that I think of, mainly in the middle of the night. Lately, I haven’t been sleeping much.







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