REVIEW: Commitment by Lilliana Anderson


**New Adult Romance – contains sexual references suitable for mature audiences only**

The Beauty in Between is a series of companion stories to be read after the ‘Beautiful Series’ Novels. Commitment follows on from ‘A Beautiful Forever’.

All his life David has seen Katrina as the one woman he wanted in his life forever, and Katrina has felt the same.

So why does she keep putting off their wedding?

When they meet Elliot’s new wife and family, David can’t help but notice that Katrina is acting strangely. The questions is… why?

Old insecurities and feelings resurface to threaten their happiness. Will their love be enough overcome them and get them to the alter?


We get to join David and Kat on their adventure of a lifetime….planning their wedding!! But what’s a good love story without a few issues along the way…the biggest one…Katrina herself! She begins to freak out about setting a date and settling down, she is worried about her career and getting to where she wants and she thinks that being married will prevent her from achieving her goals. David on the other hand realizes that she is just scared and takes over the wedding plans….but can he pull off the wedding of Katrina’s dreams (the one she’s always dream of…I mean what girl hasn’t) without freaking Katrina out more or spilling any of the details to Katrina?

I really enjoyed Kat and David’s wedding story! It was filled with love, worry, fear and past exes (yup that’s right Elliot is back!).

5 Stars!!

**Received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review**


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