BLOG TOUR: Finding Olivia by Micalea Smeltzer


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How far would you go to find yourself?

That’s the question that’s been haunting Olivia Owens for years.

All Olivia has ever wanted to do is live and make mistakes, but her preacher father has made that impossible. She believes that her years at college will be her ticket into the real world and her chance to be

wild and spontaneous.

But she’s never been able to do it on her own.

At the start of her sophomore year, she only has four things crossed off her Live List, but that’s all about to change thanks to a chance encounter with Trace Wentworth. She’s about to learn that there’s more to this reformed bad boy than just his looks and panty dropping smile.

Trace can’t explain what it is that draws him to Olivia.

All he knows is that he wants to get to know the girl with the sad smile but sparkle in her eyes.

When she tells him about her list, he knows that this is his chance to get to know Olivia Owens. Trace is determined to show Olivia that she can do all the things she’s ever wanted to do. So, he begins to help her cross things off her list, even the more outlandish requests.

What happens along the way is more than what Olivia or Trace ever expected.

Love, laughs, and a list.

That’s the name of the game when you’re Finding Olivia.

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Christmas music played softly in the background, and the smell of hot chocolate permeated the air, along with the scent of freshly baked snickerdoodle cookies. Not only could Trace cook, but he could bake as well. Was there anything he couldn’t do?

“How many marshmallows do you want?” He asked from the kitchen.

I sat on the couch and turned so I could watch him. “Are they mini’s?”

“No, the big ones,” he looked up at me, and held the bag aloft, shaking it for emphasis.

“Two, then,” I smiled.

He fixed the hot chocolate in coffee mugs, and added the marshmallows, then carefully carried them to where I was. He placed them on the coffee table and winced. “They’re a little too hot.”

Before he sat down, he went back to the kitchen, to grab the plate of cookies.

He held the plate out to me and I took one of the cookies. It was cooked to perfection and every bite was chewy, just the way I liked them.

“You’re Betty Crocker,” I laughed.

“It’s not like I made them from scratch or anything,” he defended, sitting down beside me so that the sides of our legs touched. “It’s not that difficult to heat up the oven and stick em’ in. You just have to watch them so they don’t burn.”

olivia 3

“They’re delicious,” I finished off the first and reached for a second.

“I’m glad you like them, but you haven’t tried my hot chocolate yet. Now, that I do make from scratch,” he grinned, a cookie crumb sitting on the corner of his mouth.

I couldn’t help myself. I leaned over and licked it away.

When I pulled back, his eyes were closed, and his Adam’s apple was bobbing.

“That wasn’t nice,” he whispered and opened his eyes. The green was light and playful.

He pounced on me and my second cookie fell to the floor as I squealed.

He pressed me into the couch as he hovered above me.

“Fair is fair,” he grinned, pinning my wrists to my sides as I squirmed against him. He bent and licked the side of my mouth in the same spot I had licked his.

“Now we’re even,” he gazed down at me and pressed his hips into mine.

“No, we’re not. I didn’t have any cookie crumbs on my mouth,” I panted.

“I can fix that,” he folded both of my hands into one of his and lifted them above my head. With his free hand, he reached for a cookie. He broke a corner off of one and held it above my mouth, crushing it in his palm, and letting go so that the crumbs covered my mouth and cheeks. I’m pretty sure a few went down my shirt but I wasn’t telling him that.

He appraised his handy work, and before I could come back with something snappy, he covered my mouth with his, sucking the crumbs away.

My body responded and my mouth opened underneath his. I felt his tongue nudge its way inside and I welcomed it. He growled low in his throat and released my hands so his fingers delved into my hair.

I grasped his ears in my hands, forcing him closer to me.

“Olivia,” he gasped my name.

“Don’t stop,” I begged, clutching at his shirt.


Finding Olivia was amazing!! I loved every minute of the book!  Olivia grew up in a small town where her father was the Preacher and she had to be the “perfect” Preacher’s daughter.  By the time Olivia went to college she was sick of being so “perfect.”  Just before she left she made a list of all the things she wanted to do…a Live List.  No one knew about the list, not even Avery, her best friend that she met at college…no one until Trace that is.  Trace made Olivia nervous because of his bad boy persona..but in reality Trace was her white knight…he stopped to help her when she got a flat tire and that’s where their story beings….Trace helps Olivia cross everything off her Live List…in my opinion Trace is the perfect guy.  Kind, caring, knows when his girl needs to get away from the group….I want Trace!!!

Trace has his own secrets….from who his family really is to how he became the man Olivia knows today.  Trace witness a horrible life changing event which made him into the bad boy that everyone believes he is…but what no one knows or believes – even Olivia at times is that he is no longer that bad boy nor is he part of the world his family belongs too.  When trouble catches up to Olivia, Trace gets scared that his one true love is about to leave him forever…will everything work out or will Trace lose the only person he has ever loved!

This was my first book by Micalea that I have ever read and I can’t wait to read more!!

5 ✭

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Micalea Smeltzer is an author from Virginia. Her name is pronounced Muh-call-e-uh. She is permanently glued to her computer, where she constantly writes. She has to listen to music when she writes and has a playlist for every book she’s ever started. When she’s not writing, she can be found reading a book or playing with her three dogs.


You can email Micalea at:

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