Review: Barefoot in the Rain (Barefoot Bay) by Roxanne St. Claire


Jocelyn is forced to return home to Barefoot Bay to hideout after becoming involved in a scandal in Los Angeles where she has been living and work as a “life coach to the stars.” Returning home was not what she wanted to do…she wanted to leave Barefoot Bay and the boy next door in her past but now she has no choice. Home and Will Palmer are nothing like she remembered…Will is even more tempting then when she left years ago…the one thing that hasn’t changed for Jocelyn is that Will can still turn her world inside and make her heart beat faster…but is that enough?

Will lost the one woman he ever loved when Jocelyn moved to LA; so he did what he could to stay connected to her by caring for and befriending her father. When Jocelyn returns…it was nothing like what Will expected. Jocelyn is shocked about the personality changes she sees in her father due to his Alzheimer’s and must come to terms with the man he used to be and the man he is now….Can Will help her past the dark rainy days and show her that there is a bright future ahead…for both of them??
This story hit close to home because of the Alzheimer’s aspect…knowing someone who has had the disease changes ones outlook on things…Jocelyn and Will’s story was amazing and I kept wanting to read…even though I had to put it down so I could get some sleep!


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