Review: Back to Basics by Erin McCarthy


Book Blurb:
Angel Weiss can’t believe that her old friend Brian has stood her up at their wedding, for a stripper no less, ruining her plans to collect on some old college bet money.   If you can’t trust a man to follow through on a fake wedding, who can you trust?   So maybe she is a little uptight and suppressed, as Brian points out, but after watching her father run through six wives, she can’t help but be a little bit of a control freak.  Who never intends to get married for real.


Rick Dengler did the marriage thing and the only good thing that came out of it was his daughter.  Otherwise, it just left him broke and disillusioned.  So he isn’t looking for anything but illegal campers when he’s doing rounds through the park on his job as a ranger.  What he finds is a sexy blonde in heels frozen in the path of a black bear.


Which leads to them both covered in poison ivy.  Which leads to stripping down to what nature intended in a heart shaped hot tub.  Which leads Angel and Rick to conclude that maybe they’re not out of the woods yet when it comes to falling in love with a person all wrong for you…



Angel finds out on her wedding day that the man that she is supposed to marry isn’t coming…he is with some stripper!! So Angel decides to go find him thinking he went to the cabin where they are supposed to have their honeymoon…but Angel doesn’t find Brian she finds a bear in the woods, Ranger Rick and a Norman Bates looking cabin that Brian had booked for their honeymoon.  Rick on the other hand is just trying to get away from a fellow female co-worker who has a crush on him when he first runs into Angel…and the bear. That’s when everything beings for them!  The story was short…I personally wish it was longer just because I’m not a fan of the 2 – 4 day romance stories…if not longer at least an epilogue….the ending kinda left me going…”Okay…..that’s it?”  But overall it was still an AMAZING read and if Erin ever gets contracted to do more she left potential to make it into a series using Angel’s siblings as the main characters.  Although short, it is still a must read Erin McCarthy book!


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