Say No To Joe? by Lori Foster

This was my first Lori Foster book that I ever read….and I was hooked! The story of the bad boy ex-cop who will help out his family in a second…and especially his cousin’s new wife’s quirky assistant. Joe and Luna are total opposites but you know what they say… opposites attract. Luna needs to go take care of her cousin’s son and daughter because every other family member has given up because of the trouble that the kids cause…or so they think. Joe and Luna move to a small town called Visitation to care for the kids but trouble follows Joe. As time passes Luna sees a different side to Joe…a side that she is starting to love but refuses to go there because no woman has ever said no to Joe (except her)…but can she hold out much longer….with Joe’s flirting and the softer side she sees…she’s not so sure. Joe is not willing to give up…he will do anything to prove to Luna and the kids that he’s there to stay.


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