Hard to Handle by Lori Foster

Harley an SBC fighter is recovering from an injury at a cabin near Anastasia’s cabin who is a life coach. They have known each other for years but Anastasia always thought of Harley as just a friend until now… unforeseen events bring to two together. Then Harley gets his chance to get back in the fighting game and goes back to Harmony, Kentucky to train with fellow fighters and friends. What he doesn’t know is that Anastasia followed him but not for the reasons he hopes…Harley is attracted to Anastasia and like the typical male hero wants to get her in bed and out of his system so he can focus on his fighting…when he discovers the real reason she followed him to Harmony, Anastasia isn’t the only one that feels the wrath of his anger (but don’t worry he doesn’t hurt anyone) ….love, angry, betrayal and sexual attraction make this one interesting story.


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